We create space to hear one another’s stories.

Power in Together

A Spiritual Community of Practice

We are all intertwined. How we live these lives matters. Intertwine gathers around stories and practices that nurture bodily and communal healing and understanding. We support one another in journeying well.

Made of and Moved by Story

We create space for one another’s stories. We center questions, not answers. Through listening we come to know healing, growing our capacity for empathy. Spiritual and embodied practices aid us along the way.

Process. Creativity. Simplicity.

We are in a cosmic, ongoing process of becoming. We get to create this life together. We are learning compassionate and playful work, and rest as resistance. We are learning how to simply be – present to the miracle of What Is.

Intertwine Events

Our gatherings are a mix of story, spiritual practice, art and conversation. Show up with your humanity and curiosity. Plan on leaving with new perspectives, connections, and, most likely, more questions.

You can find details for our next gathering here or via our Meetup group and Facebook page.

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Next Up

We're making safe brave space for us to ask big questions.

We're all Intertwined

Intertwine Northeast is a community that gathers around the questions of what it means to "be human" and "how do we do this well?" We have a hunch that deep listening, compassion, curiosity, and creativity are key.

Through practice and exploration of art, science, psychology, and the Judeo-Christian spiritual tradition (as wells as others), we put this question into dialogue with our lived experiences and stories, growing our capacity for self-understanding and empathy. We actively work together to dismantle white-body supremacy. We support young people on their hero’s journey. We shape culture by both re-membering deep roots and creating new ritual and story.

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We intertwine because listening and love can transform our lives and the world. Help us create this movement and community committed to healing. Support our work with a tax-deductible gift. And, thank you!

Give to Intertwine

Two ways to give. Donate securely online by clicking the “Give” button. Or send a check written out to “Intertwine Northeast” to our fiscal agent:

Nativity Lutheran c/o Business Admin 3312 Silver Lake Rd, Minneapois, MN 55418


Mike Rusert
Community Convener, Curator, Care-taker

I think the most radical, creative, and necessary action humans can take on today is listening. I create Intertwine with others because I want to learn to listen, and I can’t do that alone. What a gift to listen and heal together.


Cody Mathis
Visual Designer & Being Intuitive

Listening deeply to the stories of my own life grows my ability to comprehend and accept others’ realities and struggles. Listening informs action. I express through art to both soothe myself and help others.

Rye Mohler
Mythical Guide & Creative

I am an archetypal adventure seeker, entrepreneur & pioneer of the Sesh. On a quest to share transformational tools, growth mindset & the Creative Journey with those, young and old, drawn towards their call to adventure.